The SSI boy’s volleyball club had their first match

The SSI boy’s volleyball club had their first match against CCAS (Cornerstone Collegiate Academy of Seoul) on October 4th, 2023. Throughout the game, both teams displayed a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

Throughout the match, we encountered many challenges. Our opponents were experienced and showed impressive skills on the court. However, instead of feeling discouraged, we viewed these challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. We reviewed our mistakes and identified areas that needed improvement.

Despite the best efforts, the final score of the match did not fall in our favor. It was a close game that tested our limits. We may have lost the match, but we knew that this first taste of competition was just the beginning of our long journey. We are proud of our team’s effort and we definitely moved one step closer to our goals. As we continue to compete in the season, we are certain that our future matches promise excitement, growth, and the potential for victory.

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