Students’ Art Exhibition At Mark Coffee

Interview with the Fine Arts teacher, Ms. Lia:
“I was extremely delighted by the news that this year we had some prospective buyers who showed interest in purchasing our graphic-major students artworks at our SSI Group Exhibition “Water, Pattern, and Ocean”. This exhibition explored the intricate interplay between these elements, inviting viewers to contemplate the beauty and significance of the natural world. In a departure from the previous exhibition, our students’ art delved into themes of harmony, movement, and the vastness of the ocean. As we prepared for this exciting showcase, we welcomed SSI’s students, faculty, and staff to Mark Coffee, where they could immerse themselves in the profound passion and creativity of these emerging young artists. Join us in celebrating their unique perspective on the world around us!”

Angela Paik, The Ocean’s Tapestry, 2023
My artwork, a collaboration between “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” and traditional Japanese art, explores the timeless and transformative nature of water and the ocean through the lens of intricate patterns. Drawing from the iconic imagery of “The Great Wave,” I delve into the eternal dance between nature’s colossal power and intricate design, evoking the transcendent beauty of the sea. Within this synthesis of artistry and tradition, I aim to transport viewers to the heart of the ocean’s ever-shifting realm, where pattern and fluidity intertwine to create a profound and awe-inspiring visual narrative, inviting reflection on our connection with the natural world and our shared human heritage.

Solbi Park, Aqua Harmony, 2023
My art is a tribute to the mesmerizing interplay of water, the ocean, and the intricate patterns they weave. It’s an ode to the rhythmic dance of waves and the hidden symphonies within liquid depths. Through my work, I seek to capture the essence of fluidity, celebrating the ever-changing yet timeless beauty of water. The patterns I create on canvas mirror not only the ocean’s aesthetic grace but also symbolize life’s relentless cycle, evoking contemplation of our profound connection to the natural world and the urgency to safeguard it.

Zihoo Park, Blue Waves, 2023
My digital artwork is a serene exploration of the theme of water, featuring pattern-like waves with a soothing blue-to-black gradation that mimics the ebb and flow of ocean tides. Through this simple yet intricate design, I aim to convey the tranquil essence of water, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the calming rhythm of the sea. The repetitive patterns mirror the consistency of water’s presence in our lives, and in its simplicity, it speaks to the profound beauty found in the natural world.

Students’ Art Exhibition At Mark Coffee
Students’ Art Exhibition At Mark Coffee
Students’ Art Exhibition At Mark Coffee

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