Students’ Art Exhibition At Mark Coffee

A special exhibition featuring impressive works of AP 2D art students was launched at Mark Coffee next to the SSI campus. Our students focused on the themes, “ambition, gold, and contemporary art.”, key factors required for success in the 21st century. SSI’s students, faculties, and staffs visited Mark Coffee to experience the passion of emerging young artists!

I have created an abstract painting that expresses Contemporary Art. The primary source of inspiration came from an American painter, Jackson Pollock, who is eminent for his “drip technique” of pouring or splashing liquid paint on a horizontal canvas. I have utilized the same “drip technique” to express the theme of ambition because I believe that the dynamic and unexpected figures of splashed paint convey the viewers a powerful image. Unlike the usual rectangle-shaped canvas, I wanted to create a unique shape; thus, I attached four small canvas pieces in random positions. In order to make the gold paint stand out, I layered black paint with other additional shades of brown paint. My ultimate purpose for this painting was to convey the concept of ambition/gold through abstract paintings with no specific figures.

My desire is to grow into the best version of myself and accomplish everything I possibly can. I consider that there is no particular synthesis in this painting because I do not prefer to associate the used material with the art itself. Whenever I create artwork, I desire to draw with any material that best matches the art piece in order to make the creation more phenomenal. Even while it may appear that the painting has nothing to do with ambition, gold, or contemporary art, I have aimed to make my work describe the subject matter rather than the medium.

The image with gold and luxuries in some sort of a cave literally represents gold. It was inspired by Smaug’s dungeon in the novel The Hobbit. The cave-like area is actually inside the mouth of a creature which connects to the next piece, which is ambition. The image with teeth-like objects symbolically represents too much ambition and greed brings harm and failure. It was also inspired by Smaug and how it crushes people who come into the dungeon. The green fading skin of the creature connects to the next piece which is contemporary art. It shows a person drowning in a swamp meaning his downfall. This piece was inspired by Gollum, also in the novel The Hobbit, and how his life becomes all about keeping the magic ring. Markers and acrylics were used for the artworks. Through my art works, I want to warn people to be aware of drowning in his or her own ambition.

My artwork was inspired by an antiquated gas station. I sketched slightly on canvas and used acrylic paint as my main material. In my artwork, the gas station appears to be quite typical. Behind it, there are gas tanks and a little shop that seems to be quite outdated. I wanted to demonstrate that even when it doesn’t appear to be it, there may be luck and gold.

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