SSI Curling Club win bronze award at the Seoul Curling Federation President’s Cup

Our SSI Curling Club team participated in the 2023 Seoul Curling Federation President’s Cup at the end of October. This is the first official competition the club has participated in since its formation.
I prepared a lot, including additional training a few weeks before the competition, and made it to the semifinals, but unfortunately lost. However, we did our best until the end and won the third-place match dramatically 6-5 after a fierce match, taking third place.
Our curling club members were very surprised and delighted by the good results that the SSI Curling Club, which was formed early this year, achieved in a short period of time.
We think we have learned leadership and teamwork through curling over the past year or so. It’s actually nothing very special, I think it’s just moving in one direction with friends with a sincere desire to realize the goals and dreams we set. We welcome many friends who are interested in curling to join the club.

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