SSI Boys Basketball Team won at the Youth Basketball Supercup

Our SSI Boys Basketball Team proudly represented our school at the 2024 Asian Youth Basketball Supercup held from February 17th to 18th. Engaging in five intense matchups against formidable opponents like KCC, Saint Paul, and Seoul Academy, we demonstrated our resilience and skill, ultimately finishing with an impressive 4-1 record. This secured us the second-best record in B Group and marked a historic moment as we clinched our school’s first-ever trophy in boys’ athletics.

Our journey to success at the 2024 Asian Youth Basketball Supercup was especially remarkable considering the humble beginnings of our team. Formed just last year with only a handful of members, we faced numerous challenges, including the need to rent an outside school gym and the constraint of meeting only once a week. However, through unwavering dedication and the relentless hard work of our players, we steadily improved both as a team and as individual basketball players. Despite the odds stacked against us, our passion for the game and our collective determination propelled us forward, culminating in our outstanding performance at the tournament.

Additionally, this tournament marked a bittersweet moment for our seniors, Brian Cho and Yejun Kim, as it was their inaugural and final tournament with the team. Despite this being their first and last appearance, they showcased exceptional skill and leadership, contributing significantly to our success. Their stellar performances and commitment impacted heavily on our wins.

We are not only elated by our significant achievement in securing second place at the 2024 Asian Youth Basketball Supercup, but also proud to have laid the foundation for a thriving basketball culture at SSI. Our success has fostered a culture of winning and eagerness among young basketball players, setting the stage for future generations to strive for excellence and pursue their basketball dreams with passion and determination.

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