Open Seminar: Types of University

Seoul Scholars International hosted its third open seminar for 10th and 11th grade students. Ms. Song, an SSI counselor, led the session, providing insights into different types of universities.

The seminar aimed to help students understand the variety of universities and colleges, guiding them how to find their best-fit institution through examples.

The presentation covered distinctions between national universities, liberal arts colleges, and art schools. It also explored the diverse colleges and schools within larger universities, concluding with tips on researching and finding the right fit.

To engage the audience, special panels joined to share their personal experiences and answer student questions, sparking lively discussion. Students showed keen interest, asking insightful questions such as the most challenging part of the admission process, environment of the universtiy, college programs, and others.

The session was dynamic and interactive throughout. It is hoped that students found the seminar informative and can apply the knowledge gained to their future academic and university planning.

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