Have you ever seen Bullfighting? Bullfighting is a physical competition in which a bullfighter attempts to fight bulls, typically by regulations, norms, or cultural expectations. In Spain, Portugal, and other Hispanic nations, Bullfighting is a traditional event. If you see the appearance of Bullfighting, you might wonder why they are too aggressive or seem to get mad. In terms of this, there is a well-known hypothesis that bulls are angry when they see the color red. This hypothesis was made because bullfighters use a red fabric in Bullfighting to excite bulls, so we naturally think that the color red might be related to bulls becoming excited. However, the color red does not make them angry. Bulls are virtually color-blind, so they can hardly tell the difference between red and other colors. Divergent vertebrates distinguish colors, such as many fish, amphibians, reptiles, and birds. However, most mammals are color-blind except for humans and monkeys. Then, why do bullfighters use red fabrics? This is because red represents passion or blood in Spain, and Bullfighting event has majorly occurred in Spain. Since the red color shows passion and excitement, it is suitable for giving interest and excitement to the audience. Therefore, Spanish bullfighters’ colorful outfits and red fabrics are for exciting the audience rather than the bulls. In addition, bulls used in Bullfighting are locked in an entirely light-blocked dark room for 24 hours before being sent to the bullfight. Suddenly, the bullfighter bullies the bulls in many ways in the bright sunlight, so they become provoked and can not control their temper. At this point, when the bullfighter comes out and wields a flag with a red cloth, the bulls look as if they are outraged. Consequently, it is not true that the bulls get angry when they see the color red.

Image Source: Gettyimagesbank.

By. Hanseul Chang

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