2024 SSI Field Day

Under the warm sun of April 5th, 2024, students from SSI reveled in a day of excitement at Daechi Reservoir Park, immersing themselves in a wide array of stationary games alongside their classmates. The morning was brimming with laughter and friendly competition as students selected from an enticing lineup of activities including Limbo, 3-Legged Race, Hula Hoop Marathon, Blind Hide and Seek, Ping pong Ball toss, Ball Pool Basketball, Ring Toss, and Group Jump Rope. Each game offered its own unique thrill, with students eagerly vying for victory and collecting raffle tickets along the way, holding onto the promise of potential prizes at day’s end.

Amidst the games, students refueled with mouthwatering snacks like hotdogs, refreshing drinks and gelato, savoring each moment of camaraderie and fun. As midday approached, appetites were satisfied with a hearty lunch of pizza accompanied by cheese sticks, energizing students for the main events of the day.

After indulging in a satisfying meal, students ventured forth to partake in the main attractions of the day, including spirited matches of soccer, dodgeball, tee-ball, and the highly anticipated relay race. Cheers echoed through the park as teams rallied together, showcasing their athleticism and sportsmanship in every exhilarating moment.

As the day of games ended, students joined together in the spirit of community, diligently cleaning up after themselves and preparing for the eagerly awaited raffle. Excitement filled the air as lucky winners claimed their prizes, rounding off a day filled with unforgettable memories and boundless joy for the entire SSI student body.

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