2024 SSI College Visit – Wake Forest University

On April 24th, a representative from Wake Forest University visited Seoul Scholars International. We engaged in a brief icebreaker session, allowing students to introduce themselves to the admissions officer. This interaction aims to leave a lasting impression, potentially aiding students’ applications to the university, as the officer will recall those they’ve met.

Wake Forest is located within minutes or hours of some of North Carolina’s best national parks, rivers, and a wide variety of natural experience destinations. There is also a dining scene, live music, professional sports, historic museums, and cultural festivals around the campus area and downtown.
Program at Wake Forest
1. Research
-30% of WFU students graduate having published their research.
-45% of students participate in at least 2 semesters of faculty-led research.
-Event: Undergrad Research Day (95% of which have been mentored by one or more faculty members).
2. Study Abroad
-80% of undergraduates have an academic study-abroad experience.
-400 programs in 200 cities, 70+ countries, 3 university-owned houses.
Life at Wake Forest
1. University Motto
Pro Humanitate, translated as “For Humanity.” Pro Humanitate calls upon the entire University community to engage in the fundamental questions about what it means to be human. For example, students participate in social impact career programs, such as Hit the Bricks and Wake’N Shake.
2. On-Campus Housing
The University has a six-semester (three-year) residency requirement and is committed to providing housing to students who request to live on campus after fulfilling the residency requirement.
3. WFU Athletics
Only institution with fewer than 5,500 undergrads to have won an NCAA Division I.
Application Deadline
Early Decision I: Nov 15, 2024.
Early Decision II: Feb 15, 2024.
Early Action: Nov 15, 2024.
Regular Decision: Jan 1, 2025.

Overall, the session with the representative from Wake Forest University was highly engaging and informative. It provided valuable insights into the university’s offerings, culture, and opportunities for students.

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