2024 SSI College Visit – New York University

On April 30th, three representatives from New York University visited Seoul Scholars International. They provided valuable insights into the academic programs, campus life, and opportunities available at NYU’s global campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai. Students were engaged and enthusiastic, eagerly absorbing information about the diverse learning experiences offered by NYU worldwide.


  • NYC
    -135+ Countries represented
    -10 undergraduate schools & colleges
    -29,000 undergraduate students
  • Abu Dhabi
    -2000 undergrad students
    -125+ countries represented
    -18 Rhodes scholars in 8 years
  • Shanghai
    -1800 undergrad students
    -50/50 Chinese & international students
    -100% students graduate with Mandarin proficiency (4-year Chinese class required)

Opportunities to students

  • in Abu Dhabi
    -NYU Abu Dhabi offers J-Term courses in many locations around the world
    -Students take one course full-time for approximately three weeks
    -Systematically connected to every global campus, so no paper documents needed when you move over to other places.
  • New York University offers a wide variety of minors across its undergraduate schools. A is a convenient study option for students wishing to learn more about a field that they cannot major or minor in at their home school.
    -One of popular minor programs is ‘Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology’

Student Experience

  • NYU Welcome – Club Fair, Themed Hangouts, Affinity Spaces, and Workshops
  • Campus Housing
    -No requirement for campus housing in NYC
    -First 2 years of campus housing are required in Sanghai
    -99 % of students live on campus in Abu Dhabi (Faculty housing is also located nearby, providing more opportunities to interact the college community)
  • Research Opportunity
    -Research Fund provides students with the material support
    -Laboratories, the makerspace, and the eLab (Entrepreneurship) are open to all NYU students
  • Other Support
    -Student Health Center, the Wellness Exchanges, Office of Global Services (ex. for students who need papers for their visa) Moses center for student accessibility

Where we’re going (after graduate)
– 93% of students participated in at least one internship or job
– 92% of students were employed or enrolled in graduate school within months of graduation

Application Deadline
1. Choose schools
2. SRAR, test score (optional for 2025 admission), letter of recommendation
3. Some programs require a portfolio
4. ED I Nov 1, ED 2 JAN 1, RD Jan 5

After the information session, every student seemed excited to work on their plans for university. We wish all the students the best in their academic endeavors and look forward to seeing the amazing things they will accomplish in college admissions.

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