2023-2024 SSI College Mythbusters

Ever wondered what a myth-buster is? It’s the powerful act of dispelling widely held beliefs by showcasing that something thought to be true is, in fact, not true.

Last week, SSI students embarked on an enlightening journey, exploring the realm of college myths through an engaging O X quiz. The challenge? To pick a side and discern what they believed to be the correct answer.

The O X quiz featured thought-provoking questions, including:
1. Do first-year students have to live in school dormitories for four years?
2. Can students read teacher recommendation letters?
3. Is it better to submit standardized test scores?
4. Do college professors check class attendance?
5. Do admissions officers check student applicants’ social media profiles?
6. Is having longer activities list better?
7. The list of Ivy League schools and more!

As students actively participated in the O X quiz, they not only engaged their minds but also had fun debunking common college myths while embracing the facts.

It was a valuable experience witnessing our 11th graders (soon-to-be seniors) discover new facts about the college application process. The College Mythbusters Orientation proved to be worthwhile for all SSI students, equipping them with insights they might not have known before.

As the O X quiz concluded, students took a moment to catch their breath and absorb wisdom from the senior student survey. Our current SSI seniors, already accepted to schools or deeply engaged in the college application process, generously shared crucial tips with students from grades 7 to 11:
1. Begin standardized testing and essays early.
2. Choose colleges that align with your personal and academic interests.
3. Seek guidance from your surroundings – whether it’s your family, mentors, or the vast resources available on the internet.
4. Keep a vigilant eye on managing your GPA.
5. Initiate college research early on.
6. Start the college application process as soon as possible!

Students in the audience were also encouraged to share their thoughts on the college application process, including the challenges they anticipate and the factors they deem important when choosing a college.

We were thrilled to have SSI students attend the College Mythbusters Orientation, and we hope this experience has not only imparted new knowledge but will also lay the groundwork for their early preparation in navigating the exciting journey of college applications throughout their high school years.

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