2023-2024 Fall Semester SSI Club Day

This year’s Club Day brought enthusiasm for the upcoming academic year. Unlike the previous years where some clubs were stationed indoors, this year’s event was held entirely outdoors, creating a festival-like atmosphere that instantly captivated students. The club leaders prepared and decorated their tables with posters, props, videos, and powerpoint presentations, piquing the interest of the student body.

The students arrived at the booths during the Activity Period and were immediately greeted by club leaders who eagerly introduced their clubs and the benefits of becoming a member. From academic pursuits to community service, special interests, athletics, and artistic endeavors, the assortment of clubs addressed the students’ extracurricular interests and pursuits.

There are a total of 30 clubs at SSI this year, with several actively recruiting students. Notable among them are:

  • Model United Nations
  • National Honor Society
  • SSI Orchestra
  • Video Production
  • Colors of Happiness
  • Boys Basketball
  • Engineering
  • Boys Soccer
  • Environmental Science
  • Computer Science
  • Newspaper
  • History

By the end of the 2023-2024 Fall Semester SSI Club Day, the campus was full of excitement, a renewed sense of community, and commitment to personal growth and exploration. Joining a club is more than just a fun activity. Being a part of an extracurricular organization fosters personal development, enriches professional experience, and creates memories that will last through the students’ academic careers and beyond.

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