Queen Elizabeth II, the UK’s longest-serving monarch, has died after reigning for 70 years. She was 96 years of age, and died peacefully at her Scottish estate, where she had spent much of the summer.

The funeral for Queen Elizabeth II was held in Westminster Abbey located in London on the 19 th of September, 2022. Westminster Abbey was where Elizabeth was crowned Queen back in 1953, and where she married her husband, Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, in 1947. It was the first state funeral since the death of Winston Churchil 57 years ago. Many political leaders and Royal members from around the world attended the funeral, including the presidents of the United States, France, and the Republic of Korea. Millions of people gathered in London to watch the funeral procession.

The Queen became the head of England when she was 25 years of age. She witness several historic event including the independence of British colonies, economic troubles after wars, the cold war and the fall of communism, the creation of European Union and Britain’s exit out of the Union. The Queen promised lifelong devotion to the country, and her considerate speeches and humble ways of life won the love and respect of people from around the world.

Charles III will be coronated the King of England next year, and the new King has many challenges in front of him. Difficult challenges include talks of abolishing monarchy and many former British colonies trying to declare independence.

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By. Ian Kang

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