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Seoul International Scholars is pleased to announce a film production camp that will be offered to secondary students from all of its campuses. Students will have a chance to learn about the production process and get hands-on experience as they plan and shoot a short film with guidance from experts from the film industry. The project will be conducted in English and will be directed by Headmaster, Paul Battle with the support of professional crew members who are active in the industry.

Where and When

The production camp will take place at SSIAND’s new campus near Seocho campus. Some students will participate in aspects of pre-production planning (such as set design, storyboarding and casting etc) in the weeks leading up to the camp and students interested in post-production will participate in the editing of the video at campus during the spring semester.


In recent years, the pandemic has made participating in extracurricular activities very difficult. This is especially concerning for students preparing for college. Universities are placing an increased emphasis on the importance of outside experiences and their ability to help candidates stand out. The Film Project provides just such an experience. It offers students the opportunity to harness and grow their social skills while learning new techniques and technical skills across a broad spectrum of production activities, from acting to set preparation to lighting and assistant directing. After the movie is completed, students will attend a launch event that will honor those who made significant contributions.

How is it different from last year’s film project?

This project builds on the experience of shooting a web drama series over 2 semesters at Seoul International Scholars. It condenses the actual production time into a single week in order to avoid conflict with other campus activities. This intensive week of shooting will provide more time for students to learn by shadowing professionals and to get experience in their chosen area of specialization.


This year’s short film will be a short film (a psychological thriller) about a group of students who are stuck at a school campus when a natural disaster befalls the city. The students will engage in activities similar to the ones in Squid Game in order to survive.


The cost to join the camp is 1 million KRW. Fees collected will pay for rental equipment, food, software licenses, props, guest/expert fees, and professional talent.

How to Join

In order to join, students should complete the registration form and pay the fees.

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