Kim Min Jae has been established as one of the top 11 players in the top 5 European leagues. On September 22nd, the top 11 players of the European league this season were decided according to WhoScored, a soccer statistics media. Kim Min Jae has proudly raised his name as a central defender. Napoli’s previous defender, Khalidu Kulibali, has been replaced by Kim Min Jae this summer. As soon as he joined, he emerged as the team’s primary defender. Along with Amir Rahmani, he was included in the starting roster for six consecutive games from the opening game by protecting the back of the group.

He scored his debut goal in the 2nd round against A.C. Monza and the 5th round against S.S. Lazio. These seemingly insignificant goals enabled the team to make an astounding comeback. So far, Napoli has recorded five wins and two draws in 7 league games, with three clean sheets. With Kim Min Jae’s outstanding performance, Napoli is leading the European league.

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By. Eric Kim

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