Constructing architecture requires much labor and time. Even after completing the blueprint for the building, it takes human labor forces for activities such as painting, roofing, and building bricks. However, these resources can now be reduced with the recent development of 3D printing technology.

3D printing is a technology in which a machine creates objects through digital
designs. When the required materials are given to the engine and programming is completed, it begins to construct things. It stacks up multiple layers, consecutively, at a rapid speed. It is a very innovative architecture technology that needs tens of thousands of mixed and stacked materials. Due to its efficiency, this technology is recently gaining popularity in the industry.

Until now, the construction of personalized houses required substantial payment due to the variety of their structures and proceedings. However, 3D printing technology eases this difficulty because it constructs housings with unique characteristics. Furthermore, the construction time and labor is diminished as customized houses and buildings for broader populations are possible. In the future, more unique and distinctive housings will be able to be made.

Technology is also constructing buildings in areas beyond earth. Since the 3D printing technology requires minimum resources and recognizes the overall structures quickly, it enables an easy buildup of complex constructions in outer space. Developments in the construction industry will even have an impact on astronomy.

Still, there are areas for improvement in the machines’ cost and limited resources to build the system. However, 3D architectural technology does enrich our lives. A further enhancement is needed to create cutting-edge technology to be utilized in the architectural field.

Image Source: gettyimagesbank.

By. Sungju Park

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