paul_battle_(h)Today, students face growing pressures as they prepare for college, even from a younger age. The competition is stiff and universities around the world seek candidates with qualifications that standout. Seoul Scholars International is an educational institution that is here to not simply meet these demands but to exceed them.

At SSI, we offer a program that goes much deeper than the sum of a student’s grades and test scores. We offer a pathway to success that encourages lifelong learning through academic advancement, critical thinking, and participation in activities both on campus and in the community. Students can take AP-Level courses, start their own clubs, and join in lectures delivered from special guests with diverse backgrounds.

Our commitment to higher levels of learning comes from our passion and belief that students at SSI will become future leaders. We create an environment where social development and strength of character develop, encouraging students to become confident and responsible citizens.

To further enhance academics and well-roundedness, we are also pleased to offer unique opportunities to study abroad both during the academic year and after graduation. Many of our graduates now attend prestigious universities in the US and other countries.

Most importantly, at SSI we provide the guidance needed for students to differentiate themselves not only through academic excellence but also through individual pursuits in community, arts, athletics, business, and technology.

For those willing to step up to the challenge, a world of opportunities exists, and SSI is your gateway. We invite you to come and talk with us about our program.

Paul Battle

Seoul Scholars International