About SSI

About SSI

Seoul Scholars International (SSI) is an independent secondary education for gifted students in grades 9th-12th. The academy was founded to meet the growing demand for students with aspirations of studying abroad and for returnees who are looking for experience that they are accustomed to.. Our goal is to create a secondary education with exceptional standards and the highest esteem where students can thrive to cultivate their aptitude.

Our mission is to provide stimulating and challenging education that prepares and inspires students for successful academic endeavors. To tackle our goal, we put an emphasis on rigorous and advanced educational offerings. The development of skills in writing and oral communication, acquisition of mastery in subjects, understanding of critical thinking are all part of our curriculum.

The promotion of intellectual maturity and responsibility is a vital aspect of student life. As a process maturing into young adulthood, students will need guidance as well as meaningful experiences. We hope students will attain such tutelage at SSI.

The educational program that SSI students pursue readies students for the next stage in their academic careers. Students are guided through their studies by instructors who are chosen for their expertise. Our teachers are accomplished in their disciplines and dedicated to teaching highly talented students at college level. SSI instruction encourages independence, discipline, and strong time-management skills and allows our students to develop their diverse interests and exceptional talents.

The active community at SSI supports students in acclimating to our academically rigorous environment. Students work closely with instructors, counselors and each other to achieve their academic and personal goals. An intensive summer program at SSI presents students with further opportunity to connect with each other and their instructors

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