Dartmouth College Visits Seoul Scholars

On April 30th, Dartmouth College visited Seoul Scholars for an Information Session. More than 15 students from a mix of grades attended the information session, and were able to learn a lot of valuable lessons from the Dartmouth representative, Mr. Zholl.
Mr. Zholl talked about Dartmouth’s small faculty to student ratio, strong sense of community, extensive study abroad programs, flexible academic system, admission requirements, and so on. He also emphasized the importance of showing your own voice in the college application, and warned students about relying on outside sources too much. When students use outside sources excessively for their application, admission officers can usually tell that the essays do not represent the applicant, which is a red flag for them. Mr. Zholl emphasized that universities have a trusting relationship with the school counselors.
Students are encouraged to apply through Common Application when they apply to Dartmouth College. Applications go live on August 1st, and students are encouraged to submit a Peer Recommendation and two SATII scores on top of the mandatory teacher recommendations (two), SAT/ACT score and TOEFL/IELTS score. Although good scores and GPA are important components of the application, Mr. Zholl emphasized that the admissions office wants to see who the applicants are as a person and not necessarily just good test takers.
College information sessions are great opportunities for students to hear about schools directly from the representatives and ask questions. Our students were able to ask a variety of questions regarding admissions, college life, the application process, and so on. Students are always encouraged to sign up to a variety of college visits.