College Visit : University of Minnesota, Indiana-Bloomington, Rutgers

Representatives from University of Minnesota, University of Indiana-Bloomington, and Rutgers visited Seoul Scholars International on March 11th. They went over how to balance school and social life as well as making schedules and decisions on their own. Additionally, all three reps have stated that extracurricular activities are important. However, they recommend staying in one or two clubs for all four years and becoming an officer rather than joining 5 clubs. Furthermore, they made the session fun for our students by taking surveys on and talked about majors and schools famous celebrities graduated from. At the end of the session, the reps went over essay tips and topics to avoid. They told students to avoid writing about family  members and sporting events, as too many students write about those topics. It is crucial to stay away from typical topics and they encouraged students to write something readers cannot know from simply reading the application.

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